District 4
Export(s) Fishing
Approximate Location Gulf of Mexico
Capitol Keyword Endurance
"Do you like seafood? Shrimp and crabmeat? Often overlooked, District 4 plays an essential role, bringing us the bounty of the sea. These citizens are adept with nets and tridents, and can swim like fish themselves."
―Description from The Hunger Games: Tribute Guide

District 4 is the fourth designated District of Panem. It is one of the wealthiest Districts, and, like District 1 and District 2, it is a Career District. As many children are trained from youth to learn how swim and to kill for their future careers in the fishing industry, the Tributes that come from District 4 are generally well-prepared for the Games and capable of making various improvised weaponry such as hooks, knives, and netting.

Despite being a "Capitol favorite", however, District 4 is in fact one of the most virulent anti-Capitol Districts. Many of its citizens, Tributes and Victors either support, or are actively working for, the Rebellion.

Gamemakers' DescriptionEdit

"The last of the Career Districts, District 4 residents are often strong swimmers, proficient with nets, tridents, fishing spears and rope-usage. District 4 is located along the majority of the Gulf of Mexico coastline, well-known for its plethora of sea life."
― The Moderators




Support Staff Edit

Former TributesEdit

Former Mentors Edit


  • The official District nail polish is Hook and Line.

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